Tig Welding Root Pass

tig welding root pass
tig welding root pass

Here are my 11 suggestions to get a job as a pipe welding:

  1. Spend several hours researching forums welding search terms such that the treatment "of new jobs, pipe welding," and "certificate of welding test." You must have an idea of the pipeline welding industry.
  2. If you still want to go for it, decide if you want a marriage together or go the route nonunion. (This is a topic for a full article by itself)
  3. If you want to be a union pipe welder, contact your local pipeliners 798 in Tulsa, OK, and you guide or change opinion.
  4. If you decide to go the route non-union Web sites in search of employment as the Monster and CareerBuilder terms such as pipe welding "or" pipe welding. "
  5. Know the requirements for welding tests Hook or bad. Call the supervisor of testing and learning criteria for welding test. Each contractor to manage the welding tests. For example, some require soldering the pipe cutting, beveling and welding a typical connection. It has been my experience that some supervisors welding fair test looking for a way not to go. Other welding test increases actually gives advice and suggestions. Every job is different and there no evidence of a weld is the only standard. It's just the way it is.
  6. Find a way to test on models that accurately represent what is needed. Enough practice to be sure that you'll be able to pass welding test.
  7. Arrange a review date pipe Welding and arrive early.
  8. No, I repeat … Do not be pretentious or arrogant. The supervisor of the tent is the short hair. This is time to give it the respect it deserves as a shop supervisor and say yes sir and no sir.
  9. Ask questions. For example, I can using a mill? Do you not grind too? Is it necessary to inspect the fitup? root pass? being hot? To learn what flies and what is not essential to the approval of the welding test.
  10. Take your time if you have a time limit. Relax and try not to be nervous. Keep all strikes arc and marks on the bezel. Brush the solder joint or joints and chip and everything you need to grind. (If allowed)
  11. Pray. You may want to start there.

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