Stick Welding Aluminum Ac

stick welding aluminum ac
Miller Thunderbolt stick welder model 225V AC HD 6?

Someone gave me the iron in it because it was "broken." Looks like someone just wire cable to the machine wrong. So now I have a machine of CA glue. Yay! My question is can transfer the thing to do TIG welding. I tried to enter aluminum welding for some time and generally higher costs in aluminum TIG machine $ 2,000. I have no money to go buy an AC machine, but I have a decent amount of power in any way and thought I could make my own leads (not anyway) and connect to my existing TIG torch. Then hang the torch directly to the bottle of argon. Well, no, not a very good response. I need to see more people. It gave no facts to support their claims. All I know about electronics, said that, in theory, possible.

Short answer is not. The long answer is noooooooo.

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