Flux Core Welding Problems

flux core welding problems
I have a model of multiple 90070-71 120V mig welder.I know you have a gas connection, but can be filled with a welder?

I had the welder in a store and he came with daughter nucleus in it, but not worth the welding dang.Is problem with that? Do you have gas?

cored wire or inner shield was designed Originally developed for shielding gas. Probably no problem with the welder. Do not gas -. Most of the current main welding gas is not what I live is not worth a damn. You can enter the atmosphere of the weld zone or wind project. It can be done, but everything should be in place to ensure a good weld. Also, you may want to block the gas pipes of the flame nozzle, air can not be absorbed by the weld on the weapon (a little safer). Make sure the cable is "Fail" If no new topic. Here are some sites that can help, http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/index.html =% Jody_Collier 20Cored.htm 20Flux 20Shielded%% (32 years of welding)

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