Co2 Welding Gas Bottles

co2 welding gas bottles
Where I can get a real cheap MIG welder?

I am looking for a MIG welding gas that takes the CO2 gas welding big bottles not I have a lot to spend on 1, but I looked on ebay and ask them questions and that prices always go up over my budget, I think a little over 160 amps and could perhaps compatible to hold a euro torch a favor, if you do not know the answer please DONT:) Sorry guys I forgot to say that I live in the UK:) Also I have knowledge solder very good and knows it can change the size of regulation, but I want one in the bottle sits well in the back! Thanks anyway but I am wandering if anyone knows where I could get used to a very cheap appreciate your answers thanks guys:)

It depends on where exactly, but with current financial problems, the many engineering firms are closing or reduction. There are or will be closing charges of sale, where you can take to engineering of equipment for peanuts. Punta currently has a £ 5!


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