Carbon Steel Welding Wire

carbon steel welding wire
What kind of welding rods used for casting 5 / 32 music wire (rod of high carbon steel) with Mapp gas?

I use my mapp torch Bernzomatic / and the need for brazing rod 1/8-1/4 inch spring steel (piano wire). Feild repairs will be in power is not option.

I would suggest a lap weld instead of a weld or fuse. I use a stream of good quality welding rod coated (get it of a welding shop, not an auto parts store, the quality of TIG) clean and put two bars side by side with an overlap of at least 4 diameters. If they can overlap more and tie them with wire top and below, in which the solder (you can cut more later if necessary. The flow of solder on the bar may be sufficient but for better quality apply flux into the rods to mount the bars to a dark red heat, while the implementation of the welding rod, remember that the sequence of flashes and lenses of his glasses allow full view. The answer is correct, you will remove the heat treatment of annealed wire rod soft piano and actually do rather than elastic, but tensile strength should not change too much. This is true also of the weld, whether to keep the heat treated rods and prehaps epoxy in a SLEV?

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