Auto Body Panel Welding

auto body panel welding
How to weld the body panels that are 1 / 16 of an inch thick, without worping panels?

I cut an opening for a swinging door in the back of a truck, I have to close the sides of the opening to be sealed. March 1 is feet long around the surface to 3 inches wide. I have to manufacture plate filler plate to close the opening, but I know when I go there for the welding deformation, which is the best way to pack? MIG or TIG welding or soldering along the bottom with small mig welding?

Gradually, the solder is the hardest thing to do because you want every half inch weld fast.Tack sooner or welding, then go back and turn in the middle of the half inch of space to the bottom. This process must be completed. Simply fill spaces slowly and steadily until there is a continuous weld. Personally, I would not use a wet towel to speed up the process, because the heating and cooling can however, because the metal is deformed .. Just take your time !!!!! Personally, I use the TIG welder.

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