Arc Welding Lesson Plans

arc welding lesson plans

Obtained before the bar.

1) From the elements of material information by a flick and drag the bar raised a bit off. Metal removed from the island (I do not respect the distance and angle, because the decision depends on you and working conditions).

2) when you Need to set up units in the upper range recommended for you to seed. RUN and do not worry about the next car.

3) coming enough to see very well. After a second or two, you will see what looks like a mixture. (Shape depending on the speed you are and how you weave side to side).

4) after the words "what you see is what you get" in mind if what you see is an oval thin. The beads are thin and oval.

5). What you need at least more mixed. Car that you used to successfully obtain and pearls.

6) Do not worry about this beauty is the sense of "milk" as a core. In the short and slow constant. (If your mixture is too slow to be real thick and thin, if you fast too).

7) Now you are connected. On the surface that everything is a little easier other locations.

Well, it's the fastest lesson in dynamics, "arc".

1) R is self-pressure (From example, pressure or force "electric"). That's why you need to display different areas in the liquid metal and help to respond to "out" of the liquid slag.

2) When you connect to the vertical position, or charge your attention. axis of the arc in the sense of helping the welding preheat and combine to overcome the gravity of the liquid Lower

3) When you plug the head position with around the vertical axis to help mix up

3) Again the horizontal. Position, you must meet basic (R), the same reason.

position 4) Back to the food you do not want to answer multiple cores per room What other materials so that you the right parts. But switch the match well and slag.

More tips on liquids and "pearls".

* Note that the scale will start to come in the area and if you're too slow. This can produce porous welds which is not good or they are a good

* You must use a good sound when you connect. Some people say that men like frying bacon. You listen to the safety of crackling. But do not vote, then do boil.

* Closed mixing reality in a form and clarity. Prepare your body and head, the best thing that happened.

* Just trying to work on the stability and the Meaning of "milk" bars etc.

* Anyway welds Look Good practice. Access to a good job can be even worse as long as you have. good penetration is high.

* You must be slow enough that the liquid mixture to join two pieces of metal

Also *, if you deliberately link bead width, make sure to hesitate a bit on the side of each forge better penetrate.

I know it sounds like a lot of memory all at once. Just think of all things. You say that your first concern when learning. DRIVE if there is a lot to think about while being connected! Always try to arrive at people. welds and watch what they saw happen to helping you learn faster.

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