Aluminum Bronze Welding Rod

Aluminum Bronze Welding Rod

What are brazing rods?

Soldering is an effective thermal joining methods commonly used in mechanical engineering. It is often compared to other methods such as Welding preferred. Soldering can join almost all metals and alloys. In this method, a molten solder into a capillary gap between the metals to be joined drawn. Many forms of solder are used to meet this requirement. Brazing rods are perhaps the most popular forms of the solders used by professionals around the world.

What is a brazing rod?

Brazing rod is a piece of metal in the form of a rod. It melts during the soldering process and present separate pieces of metal, for joining together once cooled.

What are the metal rods used for making soldering?

Soldering process has the ability, various metals and components of different size and mass to join. But this has for the perfect form solder (solder, which melts above 450 ˚ C, but below the temperatures at which metals associated melt) may be present. Therefore, brazing rods of different have made metals such as aluminum, silver, steel, bronze, etc.

What is flux coated brazing rod?

There are many Types of soldering methods which are carried out in different areas. In the one that is not in an inert or reducing atmosphere environment (such as a furnace) Flux included is necessary to the formation of oxides when the metal is heated to prevent. Not only that, but the river clean any contamination that left on the soldering surfaces is. for Flux comes in different forms such as flux paste, liquid, powder or ready-made pastes that river combined with filler metal powder. Sometimes flux applied to brazing rods available in the form of a coating of flux or a flux core. This river flows into the joint, when the brazing rod to the heated joint applied is, and moved by the molten solder into the joint.

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